[Met_help] Point-stat thresholds

Paul Oldenburg pgoldenb at ucar.edu
Fri Nov 6 08:24:58 MST 2009


If you look in the METv2.0/data/config/PointStatConfig_default file in
the MET source distribution, you will see the following comments and

// Each threshold must be preceded by a two letter indicator for the type of
// thresholding to be performed:
//    'lt' for less than     'le' for less than or equal to
//    'eq' for equal to      'ne' for not equal to
//    'gt' for greater than  'ge' for greater than or equal to
// NOTE: Thresholds for probabilities must be preceeded by "ge".
// e.g. fcst_thresh[] = [ "gt80", "gt273" ];
fcst_thresh[] = [ "gt80", "gt273", "gt0.0", "gt5.0", "gt5.0" ];
obs_thresh[]  = [];

As the user, you must set the thresholds that you want to use.

Verifying wind direction is a little different than other scalar fields,
since it is a circular variable.  To analyze wind direction in MET, you
must run point_stat to generate vector partial sum (VL1L2) line types.
Then, use the stat_analysis tool to examine the errors in wind
direction.  Please refer to section 8.2.6 in chapter 8 of the MET user's
guide for more information.



Kathleen Carroll wrote:
> I just wanted to clarify whether the forecast thresholds defined in the
> PointStatConfig file are upper or lower thresholds.
> I was also curious why the wind direction field may not be verified using
> PointStat?
> Thanks,
> Kathleen
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