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John Halley Gotway johnhg at rap.ucar.edu
Mon May 4 09:29:45 MDT 2009


That's odd.  I'm not sure what's going on.

I wouldn't worry about that warning message from "wgrib".  I see that all the time.

Here's what I'd check:
(1) Is the filename that you're passing to PCP-Combine on the command line correct?  Meaning, is the to that file correct?  You need to pass the full path or relative path for the input files to the
MET tools.

(2) Are the permissions on the input files set correctly so that you can "read" the file?  Try doing an 'ls -l wrfprs_d01.006' and make sure that the permissions are set so that you can read that file.

If neither of those is the problem, feel free to send me a copy of that input GRIB file, and I'll take a look at it.  It'd probably be easiest to just copy it to our anonymous FTP site.  Here's how
you'd access that:

ftp ftp.rap.ucar.edu
Username = anonymous
Password = "your email address"
cd incoming/irap/johnhg
put wrfprs_d01.006

John Halley Gotway
johnhg at ucar.edu

zhxubinchaoshan wrote:
> When I run the PCP_Combine Tool, I got the error below:
> Reading input file: wrfprs_d01.006
>   GribFile::open(const char *) -> unable to open grib file wrfprs_d01.006
> And the forecast file wrfprs_d01.012 I used is the output of WPP. And When I used "wgrib" to the grib file, I got the error below:
> 1:0:d=07070700:PRMSL:kpds5=2:kpds6=102:kpds7=0:TR=10:P1=0:P2=6:TimeU=1:MSL:6hr fcst:NAve=0
> 2:62104:d=07070700:PRES:kpds5=1:kpds6=109:kpds7=1:TR=10:P1=0:P2=6:TimeU=1:hybrid lev 1:6hr fcst:NAve=0
> Undefined parameter table (center 7-0 table 129), using NCEP-opn
> 3:124208:d=07070700:USWRF:kpds5=211:kpds6=109:kpds7=1:TR=10:P1=0:P2=6:TimeU=1:hybrid lev 1:6hr fcst:NAve=0
> Is there any error in my grib file ? Is the error from my WPP process?
> Thank you very much!
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