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zhxubinchaoshan zhxubinchaoshan at 163.com
Mon May 4 08:59:22 MDT 2009

When I run the PCP_Combine Tool, I got the error below:
Reading input file: wrfprs_d01.006
  GribFile::open(const char *) -> unable to open grib file wrfprs_d01.006
And the forecast file wrfprs_d01.012 I used is the output of WPP. And When I used "wgrib" to the grib file, I got the error below:
1:0:d=07070700:PRMSL:kpds5=2:kpds6=102:kpds7=0:TR=10:P1=0:P2=6:TimeU=1:MSL:6hr fcst:NAve=0
2:62104:d=07070700:PRES:kpds5=1:kpds6=109:kpds7=1:TR=10:P1=0:P2=6:TimeU=1:hybrid lev 1:6hr fcst:NAve=0
Undefined parameter table (center 7-0 table 129), using NCEP-opn
3:124208:d=07070700:USWRF:kpds5=211:kpds6=109:kpds7=1:TR=10:P1=0:P2=6:TimeU=1:hybrid lev 1:6hr fcst:NAve=0
Is there any error in my grib file ? Is the error from my WPP process?
Thank you very much!
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