[Met_help] failed to run pcp_combine, please help me

pzman pzman at ntnu.edu.tw
Tue Feb 17 19:12:39 MST 2009

Dear sir,
     I failed to run “pcp_combine”

 commad :$bin/pcp_combine \
         $-sum 20080603_000000 3 20080603_120000 12 \
         $tutorial/out/pcp_combine/sample_fcst_12L_2008060312V_12A.nc \
         $-pcpdir data/sample_fcst/2008060300

********************* return message *************************

Performing sum command: init_time/in_accum/valid_time/out_accum Times = 
Searching for 4 files with accumulation times of 3 hours to sum to a total 
accumulation time of 12 hours in data/sample_fcst/2008060300

ERROR: sum_grib_files() -> Cannot find a file with a valid time of 
20080603_120000 and accumulation time of 3 hours in 
data/sample_fcst/2008060300 matching the regular expression ".*"

I appreciated your kindness.
Thank you very much.

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