[Met_help] MET compile problem

Ming Chen chenming at ucar.edu
Tue Feb 3 17:27:08 MST 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am trying to build MET in my Linux machine using pgi compiler. However 
I cannot finish it because of the following problem:


*"/users/chenming/netcdf-3.6.1/include/ncvalues.h", line 35: warning: 
          conversion resulted in a change of sign
  static const ncbyte ncBad_byte = NC_FILL_BYTE;
pcp_combine.o: In function `write_netcdf__FLT1iR10GribRecord':
pcp_combine.cc:(.text+0x332b): undefined reference to `NcFile::__ct(char 
const *, NcFile::FileMode, unsigned int *, unsig
ned int, NcFile::FileFormat)'
pcp_combine.cc:(.text+0x337a): undefined reference to `NcFile::is_valid( 
pcp_combine.cc:(.text+0x3408): undefined reference to `NcFile::close(void)'
pcp_combine.cc:(.text+0x359e): undefined reference to 
`NcFile::add_att(char const *, char const *)'
pcp_combine.o:pcp_combine.cc:(.text+0x38fc): more undefined references 
to `NcFile::add_att(char const *, char const *)' f
pcp_combine.o: In function `write_netcdf__FLT1iR10GribRecord':
pcp_combine.cc:(.text+0x409b): undefined reference to 
`NcFile::add_dim(char const *, long)'
pcp_combine.cc:(.text+0x4123): undefined reference to 
`NcFile::add_var(char const *, NcType, NcDim const *, NcDim const *
, NcDim const *, NcDim const *, NcDim const *)'
pcp_combine.cc:(.text+0x4220): undefined reference to 
`NcVar::add_att(char const *, char const *)'

*I have tried various netcdf library (netcdf-3.5.0, netcdf-3.6.1, 
netcdf-3.6.2). All have the same problem.  It will be highly appreciated 
if you can get back to me quickly. Thanks in advance.


Dr. Ming Chen
Earth & Sun System Laboratory
National Center for Atmopsheric Research
FL3, Room 3081
Phone: (303) 497 8196
Boulder, Co 80307

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