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John Halley Gotway johnhg at rap.ucar.edu
Mon Apr 27 07:42:49 MDT 2009


I'm a little unclear exactly what you're asking here.  It could be one of two things... but the answer to both is no.

The MODE-Analysis tool currently performs 2 types of jobs by reading the MODE object statistics files:
(1) A "summary" job in which you select one or more MODE output columns of interest and it summarizes the data in those columns.
(2) A "bycase" job that produces summary information for each MODE run consisting of counts and areas of matched and unmatched objects.

Let me try to understand exactly what you're asking though.  Are you asking:
(1) Can MODE-Analysis read those MODE contingency table statistics files (*_cts.txt) output and aggregate them across many cases?
(2) Can MODE-Analysis read the MODE object statistics file, treat the matched/unmatched object counts or areas as the elements of a contingency table and derive some contingency table statistics based
on that "object matching" contingency table?

Like I said, the answer to both is no.  People here have done (2) here before, but it's still kind of an open question how best to use the object counts or areas to populate the elements of a
contingency table.  You have to decide how to define the hits, misses, false alarms, and correct nulls.  And doing so gets a bit messy - especially defining the correct nulls.


Case, Jonathan (MSFC-VP61)[Other] wrote:
> Dear Met_help,
> Does mode_analysis let the user summarize contingency statistics of the paired objects, or can it only summarize the various object attributes?
> Thanks for the help,
> Jonathan
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