[Met_help] stat_analysis VGRD question (UNCLASSIFIED)

Sauter, Barbara (Civ, ARL/CISD) bsauter at arl.army.mil
Mon Apr 20 17:06:41 MDT 2009

Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED 
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     I am running stat_analysis, and the only output I care about for
now is ME, MAE, and RMSE. I am running a script without any
StatAnalysisConfig file, based on -job aggregate_stat -line_type MPR
-out_line_type CNT.
     I take it the VGRD parameter is different from other parameters
since it is used for vector calculations.  Is it appropriate to compare
fcst_var VGRD with obs_var UGRD_VGRD?  
     For the surface comparisons, for other parameters I just specified
-fcst_var and stat_analysis worked fine with no -obs_var specified.  For
VGRD, it would not work until I added -obs_var VGRD to my job line.
     This seems to work for -obtype ADPUPA (although maybe I am not
using all the observations that I could be using?)  For -obtype VADWND,
I am aggregating statistics separately for two different -obs_lev
choices of P775-625 and P875-775.  I get results for UGRD at both
levels.  For VGRD, I get results at one level but not the other one if I
specify -obs_var VGRD.  I get the opposite if I specify -obs_var
UGRD_VGRD.  Although the User's Guide says the user may specify a
comma-separated list of forecast and observation variable types, I can't
get it to work by including -obs_var VGRD,UGRD_VGRD.
     I have 25 .stat files, and have not looked at the MPR lines for
each of them for -fcst_var VGRD since it is very time-consuming to do
that.  I ftp the file to my pc, then open it in Excel.  Even the much
smaller .txt files wrap around too much to be able to view them on my
linux workstation.  Do you have a quick way to view output and have the
column headings and data not wrap around in the window without importing
it into a spreadsheet?   

Thank you,
Barb Sauter

bsauter at arl.army.mil
(575) 678-2840
Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED 
Caveats: NONE

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