[Met_help] PointStat.sh problem (UNCLASSIFIED)

Sauter, Barbara (Civ, ARL/CISD) bsauter at arl.army.mil
Mon Apr 13 09:09:30 MDT 2009

Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED 
Caveats: NONE

     Although the README for MET 2.0 indicates potential problems still
exist with 64-bit machines, Bob Flanigan was able to get everything to
compile on our 64-bit computer without having to emulate a 32-bit
computer as we did for version 1.1.
     In trying to run PointStat, I get the following error message:

point_stat_Conf::read(const char *) -> can't get symbol table entry for
variable "interp_thresh"

I am using interp_method = DW_MEAN; interp_width = 2, and get the same
error with interp_threshold set to 1.0 or set to 0.

Any ideas?

bsauter at arl.army.mil
(575) 678-2840

Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED 
Caveats: NONE

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