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John Halley Gotway johnhg at rap.ucar.edu
Fri Apr 10 08:54:40 MDT 2009


I believe this is really more of an issue with the WRF Post-Processor.  It
was setting the scan mode flag incorrectly when creating the output GRIB
file.  I asked a wrf-help support person, and she suggested that I have
you write wrf-help about the issue.  She believes that it's already been
fixed - especially in the 3.1 version that is being released today.

If you're planning to upgrade to WRF version 3.1, I'd suggest trying the
WPP included with 3.1.  If not, you can contact wrf-help about it.  In
particular, they'll need to see your copy of the file named INITPOST.f for
ARW or INITPOST_NMM.f if you're running NMM.

Hope that helps.

John Halley Gotway
johnhg at ucar.edu

> Hi, MET group,
> Congratulations for the new lease of MET.
> I have a question here. As I know, when MET1.1 read GRIB data, the
> south-to-north y-coordinate becomes north-to-south, it get wrong domain
> and
> wrong grid latitude.
> The reason is MET only read the scanning mode flag to get the domain
> information and the flag is wrong in GRIB1 file written by WPPV3.
> A not-very-good Solution is
> Add “ydir=1;” in lib/vx_met_util/readgrib.cc at line 928 and recompile
> *ydir=1 means from south to north
> I wonder this problem is fixed in MET 2.0?
> Thanks,
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