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Ruifang Li lir at ucar.edu
Thu Apr 9 09:06:06 MDT 2009

Hi, MET group,
Congratulations for the new lease of MET.

I have a question here. As I know, when MET1.1 read GRIB data, the
south-to-north y-coordinate becomes north-to-south, it get wrong domain and
wrong grid latitude.
The reason is MET only read the scanning mode flag to get the domain
information and the flag is wrong in GRIB1 file written by WPPV3.
A not-very-good Solution is
Add “ydir=1;” in lib/vx_met_util/readgrib.cc at line 928 and recompile
*ydir=1 means from south to north

I wonder this problem is fixed in MET 2.0?


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