[Met_help] MODE colortables

John Halley Gotway johnhg at rap.ucar.edu
Fri Jun 20 10:22:23 MDT 2008


Ah, I see.  In the beta version of METv1.1, here's how it should work:

- If you use the default colortable with a range of 0 to 1, it'll rescale the colortable to the range of your data.
- If you set the plot min and max values in the colortable, it'll rescale the colortable to those min/max values.
- When the colorbar is plotted, if the colortable has been rescaled at all, it'll only print out values out to 2 decimal places.
- If it has not been rescaled - meaning that you set the colortable to exactly what you want, and don't set plot min/max values in the config file - the values will be written out to the precision you 
specified in the colortable.  So that's what you want.  You may have the problem of them running off the page though!


Luke Peffers wrote:
> Thanks John,
> Another issue with the colorbar is that since I'm using precip. rate the
> numbers are on the order of 10-4 to 10-5.  So, the colorbar just plots all
> values as 0.0 since it seems to be truncating my values. Has this issue been
> brought up?
> Luke
> On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 3:56 PM, John Halley Gotway <johnhg at rap.ucar.edu>
> wrote:
>> Luke,
>> I would suggest you do exactly what you've done - manually set the ranges
>> in the colortable to match exactly what you want.
>> As for how the colorbar is plotted, we changed it just a couple of weeks
>> ago based on a request from a user.
>> In your version, the colorbar is plotted in the following way:
>> (1) I looks for the min/max values listed in the colortable.
>> (2) It chooses 20 (arbitrary, I know) values equally spaced between the
>> min/max values in the colortable.
>> (3) It plots the colors corresponding to those 20 values.
>> The complaint was that the colorbar isn't exactly representing what's in
>> the colortable.  So we changed it to handle colorbars, the same way NCL
>> does.  Now we just plot one color swatch for each color defined in the
>> colortable.  I've attached an example image to illustrate it.
>> This change will be included in METv1.1 which we hope to have out in the
>> next month or so.  If you'd like to play around with a beta version of
>> METv1.1 that includes this change, you can access it via:
>> ftp://ftp.rap.ucar.edu/incoming/irap/johnhg/METv1.1beta6.20080613.tar.gz
>> However, let me caution you that the documentation has not yet been
>> updated.
>> John
>> Luke Peffers wrote:
>>> Hello, I am using MET and have run into a small problem with the graphics
>>> display in MODE.  I am working with MODE to compare precipitation RATE
>>> fields whereas MODE seems to expect precipitation accumulation.
>>>  Therefore,
>>> the scale on the colorbar in the postscript file don't agree.  I see that
>>> if
>>> I set the range in the colortable the range will automatically rescale to
>>> match the scale of the data.  However, after I have done that the colors
>>> of
>>> the precipitation fields in the PS file all remain dark as if the entire
>>> precip field only reaches the lowest one or two color thresholds on the
>>> colorbar.  If I set the colortable manually then the precipitation fields
>>> follow the correct color scheme but the colorbar acts strange (the top 5
>>> or
>>> so colors are all the same color).  How can I display my precip rate
>>> through
>>> MODE?
>>> Thank you
>>> Luke Peffers
>>> Florida State University Meteorology
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