[Met_help] ASCII point observation format

Mark Seefeldt mark.seefeldt at Colorado.EDU
Mon Dec 8 19:07:35 MST 2008

I am attempting to create my own ASCII files to use with ascii2nc to 
create an observation dataset to use with MET.  I am working with two 
sets of data.  One is surface observations at two locations with the 
basic state variables (t2m, td2m, pres, rh, u, v) and also radiation 
variables (SW_d, LW_d).  The second set of data is upper air 
observations.  The sample included in the METv1.1 distribution appears 
to be for an upper air dataset, so I can likely figure that out in the 
future.  In the current, I am having some confusion with a few of the 
columns in the ASCII Point Observation Format:

column 1 - message_type - How do I know what I am supposed to fill in 
for the message_type?  Is there a table somewhere with the available 
message_types listed?

column 7 - I am creating the GRIB files using WPP so I will just enter 
the corresponding values for the observations into this column.

column 8 - The MET User's Guide says:  "Pressure level in hPa or 
accumulation interval in hours for the observation value."  What do I 
fill in for the T_2m, Td_2m, u_10m, v_10m, or SW_d?

column 9 - "Height in msl of the observation value."
-Similar to column 8, what do I fill in for the T_2m, Td_2m, u_10m, 
v_10m, or SW_d?

If you can provide me a sample of an ASCII file for surface observations 
it will likely help me.



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