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John Halley Gotway johnhg at rap.ucar.edu
Thu Aug 14 11:59:57 MDT 2008


I just got back from vacation today and wanted to follow up to see if you have any remaining or follow-up questions regarding use of MET.

I saw that you were able to resolve the compilations problems you were encountering.  Please do send along a copy of the Makefile you used for compiling MET with PGI on RedHat.  It may be useful in 
helping other users debug similar types of compilation issues in the future.

And let me add a couple more comments to the suggestions that Randy and Barb already made.

Regarding question 1, I would do what Randy recommended - just provide MODE with the same file for the forecast and observation fields.  In addition though, in the configuration file you could turn 
OFF matching and merging by setting the "fcst_merge_flag", "obs_merge_flag", and "match_flag" all to zero.  That will disable all of the matching/merging calculations and enable MODE to run faster. 
You will see a warning message reminding you that you've disabled matching, but you can just ignore that.

Regarding question 2, just follow Randy's directions.  The sample files that are generated in the test scripts provide a good template.  MODE is looking for NetCDF variables named using the GRIB code 
abbreviations for the GRIB code requested in the configuration file.  For example, if in the config file, you specify GRIB code 61 for accumulated precip, MODE will look for a variable named APCP in 
the NetCDF file.  Or if you request GRIB code 11 in the configuration file, MODE will look for a NetCDF variable named TMP, which is the corresponding abbreviation.

The GRIB codes and their corresponding abbreviations may be found here: http://www.nco.ncep.noaa.gov/pmb/docs/on388/table2.html

Good luck and don't hesitate to write with more questions.

John Halley Gotway

Randy Bullock wrote:
> Hi James -
> I'm pinch-hitting for the person (on vacation) who usually 
> answers our met-help questions, but I believe I can help you.
> Question 1:
> =========== 
> This is certaily do-able ... I've done it myself, in fact.
> You can just give MODE two copies of the forecast field,
> rather than a forecast and an obs field.  Or, you could give
> MODE an object field that's all zeros (though I've not tried 
> this myself). MODE will go ahead do object matching, but you 
> can just ignore those lines in the MODE output files.  Information 
> (area, centroid, axis angle and the like) on single objects 
> is given in the output files ... just ignore the rest of the
> output.
> I don't think any "playing with the code" (if by that you mean 
> source code) would be needed.
> Question 2:
> ===========
> I'm not sure if we have MODE's netcdf format documented
> (though we probably should).  I'll have to look into that.  
> In the meantime, here's a possible workaround:
> In the "scripts" directory in the MET code tree, there's a 
> MODE test script called test_mode.sh.  In that script, there
> are command lines to run MODE with netcdf files from the "data" 
> directory.  You could run ncdump on those netcdf files to see 
> their internal structure, and then replicate that structure in 
> the netcdf files you create.
> Hope this was helpful.
> Randy Bullock.
>> Hi-
>> I am running WRF-ARW as a regional climate model. I would like to use MODE for two things:
>> 1. Compute the precipitation objects for the models without comparison to observations. 
>> Just get basic statistics for number of objects, area, orientation.
>> 2. use MODE as intended. My data are on the WRF grid for the model, but 
>> observed precipitation is on a different grid and also in netcdf format.
>> I realize 1 will require playing with the code alot. Do you have any suggestions? 
>> Would something simple work like feeding it an observed precip netcdf file of zero's 
>> (no matches but make code changes to still output the forecast objects?)
>> For 2, the pcp_combine tool requires grib format. Is there documentation of 
>> the file format required for MODE netcdf input files. Perhaps an example 
>> file could be made available so I can transform my netcdf files into 
>> the structure expected by MODE?
>> Thanks for any insight.
>> James Correia Jr
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>> james.correia at pnl.gov
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