[Met_help] Re: MET error

John Halley Gotway johnhg at rap.ucar.edu
Thu Oct 4 14:16:37 MDT 2007


I haven't seen that error message before.  One thing to point out
though... If you look at the usage statement for point_stat, you'll see
that it's expecting the "model" name to be listed as the 3rd argument.  So
you should running the command as:
/point_stat ./WRFPRS_d01.72  ./OBS_10_01_06.nc WRF_SingleG -config

Otherwise, it'll think the model name is "-config".  I should probably
make the argument processing smarter than that to skip the optional

Anyway, I'm guessing I'll need to run the data you're using to try to
reproduce the error.  Would you be able to post those files to the FTP
site again?

I'd need the 3 files:

Please let me know when they're up there, and I'll give it a shot.


> Hello John:
> I have another error for you.  I received this one with this command:
> ./point_stat ./WRFPRS_d01.72     ./OBS_10_01_06.nc     -config
> ./PointStatConfig_default     WRF_SingleG
> gsl: beta.c:56: ERROR: domain error
> Default GSL error handler invoked.
> Abort
> Do you know where things may have gone wrong?
> Luke Peffers

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