[Met_help] ERROR: read_pds() -> unexpected time range indicator of 10

John Halley Gotway johnhg at rap.ucar.edu
Mon Oct 1 11:09:19 MDT 2007


The answer to your question is no, MET doesn't care if the forecast valid time and observation valid time don't match up.  The tools within MET should print out a WARNING message alerting you to that
fact, but allow you to continue the verification.  Please let me know if you see behavior different from this!

Regarding your questions about the WRF PostProcessor, I'm really not the person to ask.  But I'd definitely suggest submitting the question to the wrfhelp at ucar.edu email address.  If you have
questions about using the WPP, hopefully they can point you in the right direction.

Also, I see that those two files are up on the ftp site.  Thanks.  I'll test the fix and let you know if it did the trick.


Luke Peffers wrote:
> Thank you John:
> I will post these files via ftp after I send this message.  I just wanted to
> let you know my steps up to this problem just in case I may have something
> to do with the error in addition to the bug that you mentioned;
> Because I am fairly new to the world of NWP, I may have made an error
> somewhere in the process of creating these two files.  I post-processed my
> WRF data using wrfpostprocV2.  I had some problems using the run script in
> WPP that may have something to do with my current problem with MET.  The
> script seems to want to cycle through forecast hours in a single wrfout
> file.  However, the user guide for WPP states that there must be only one
> frame per wrfout file so I adjusted the script to only process one wrfout
> file for one time. From there, I had a problem with the output time from
> wrf.  WRF's output time does not always stop at 00:00. Again, to solve this
> in WPP, I adjusted the script to look for a wrfout file with non-zero
> minutes and seconds.
> Now, my question is:  does MET care if the minutes and seconds of the
> forecast file doesn't match the observation file?  My forecast file is valid
> for 2007-09-29_00:01:40 while my observations are valid for
> 2007-09-29_00:00:00.
> Thanks again for all the help.
> Luke Peffers
> On 10/1/07, John Halley Gotway <johnhg at rap.ucar.edu> wrote:
>> Luke,
>> Your data uses a setting in Grib that we hadn't anticipated in the beta
>> version.  The fix should involve just adding a few lines of code to one of
>> the library files.
>> Would you be able to send me that Grib file you're using
>> (/fuelberg/r0/lpeffers/WRFV2/run/postprd/WRFPRS_d01.06.01.grb) as well as
>> the NetCDF obs file
>> (/fuelberg/r0/lpeffers/MET_9/METv0.9/data/PREPBEFR_DATA/OBS_00.nc)?  I'd
>> like to make sure that the change I make really does fix the problem.  Once
>> I'm sure of that, I'll send you an updated patch
>> file with instructions for how to update your version of MET.  And I'll
>> make sure the fix makes its way into subsequent versions of MET.
>> If those 2 files are too large to send via email, you could post it on our
>> anonymous FTP site:
>> cp /fuelberg/r0/lpeffers/WRFV2/run/postprd/WRFPRS_d01.06.01.grb
>> WRFPRS_d01.06.01.grb
>> cp /fuelberg/r0/lpeffers/MET_9/METv0.9/data/PREPBEFR_DATA/OBS_00.nc
>> OBS_00.nc
>> ftp ftp.rap.ucar.edu
>> Username = anonymous
>> Password = "you email address"
>> cd incoming/irap/johnhg
>> bin
>> put WRFPRS_d01.06.01.grb
>> put OBS_00.nc
>> bye
>> Thanks,
>> John
>> Luke Peffers wrote:
>>> Hello, I have made it to the point where I can now try using the
>> point_stat
>>> tool.  I didn't make it very far however.  I received this error (ERROR:
>>> read_pds() -> unexpected time range indicator of 10) when I entered the
>>> command;
>>>  ./point_stat
>>> /fuelberg/r0/lpeffers/WRFV2/run/postprd/WRFPRS_d01.06.01.grb
>>> /fuelberg/r0/lpeffers/MET_9/METv0.9/data/PREPBEFR_DATA/OBS_00.nc     WRF
>>> Any advice as to where I should start looking for the solution to this
>>> problem?
>>> Thank you,
>>> Luke Peffers
>>> FSU
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