CEDAR email: GEM CGS Oral Session

Dong Lin ldong at ucar.edu
Wed May 24 09:46:07 MDT 2023

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to participate in the NASA DRIVE Science Center
for Geospace Storms (CGS) oral session at the upcoming 2023 GEM Workshop on
June 16, Friday. In this inaugural CGS session, we are teaming up with the
TREx-RGB team at the University of Calgary. The session will include a
brief introduction of the CGS scope, its relation to GEM, and opportunities
for community to access CGS resources, as well as an introduction to
TREx-RBG auroral data. This will be followed by a dedicated discussion of
two recent geomagnetic storm events:
1. 2023 March 23-27
2. 2021 November 4

The discussion will focus on data-model comparison for these two events,
including MAGE simulations and TREx-RGB auroral observations, with an
emphasis on mesoscale dynamics. We would like to invite contributions from
other groups to the discussion of these events. In a classic GEM style, we
are planning to dedicate most of our time to a discussion of the events. So
if you have any data, model or items to add to our discussion, please let
Dong Lin (ldong at ucar.edu) know by June 5.

The detailed schedule will be sent out via community letter and will also
be posted on the CGS website (https://cgs.jhuapl.edu/) at a later time.
Thanks in advance for your participation and contribution to our special
session activities!

Thank you,
Dong Lin, Anthony Sciola, Bea Gallardo-Lacourt, Emma Spanswick, and Matina
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