CEDAR email: 2023 Sun-Climate Symposium -- October 16-20, 2023: Call for Abstracts

Kelly Boden Kelly.Boden at lasp.colorado.edu
Thu Mar 30 11:23:19 MDT 2023

Good morning,
Could you please share the below information about the 2023 Sun-Climate Symposium coming up in October to your colleagues?

Kelly Boden
Executive Assistant - Engineering
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
1234 Innovation Drive
Boulder, CO  80303


2023 Sun Climate Symposium - Call for Abstracts
Please mark your calendar today to join us in Flagstaff, Arizona, October 16-20, 2023!  Our focus topic for this 4-day symposium is "Solar and Stellar Variability and its Impacts on Earth and Exoplanets".
We invite experts from across the solar, Earth atmosphere, climate change, stellar, and planetary communities to submit abstracts for this conference to present their research results about solar variability, links between climate influences and the Earth-climate system, comparative studies of solar and stellar variability, and stellar impacts on exoplanets. Abstracts are due by August 7, 2023.
Five sessions are planned with the following topics.
1. Solar and Stellar Activity Cycles
2. Impacts of Stellar Variability on Planetary Atmospheres
3. Evidence of Centennial and Longer-term Variability in Climate Change
4. Evidence of Short-term Variability in Climate Change
5. Trending of Solar Variability and Climate Change for Solar Cycle 25 (present and future)
For more information about this conference and for submitting abstracts:  https://lasp.colorado.edu/home/meetings/2023-sun-climate-symposium/

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