CEDAR email: An important change to the 2023 CEDAR workshop attendance support for students

Liying Qian lqian at ucar.edu
Mon Mar 6 07:42:05 MST 2023

Dear CEDAR community:

*Registration fees* are now covered by student financial support in
addition to airfares and lodging.

For students enrolled in a US institution and traveling from a location
within the United States, financial support will consist of *registration
fee*, roundtrip travel to the CEDAR workshop venue, and housing. For
students enrolled in an institution outside the US, financial support will
consist of *registration fee* and housing. More information can be found at
the Student Workshop attendance support page <
https://cedarscience.org/student-attendance-support >. To be eligible
students need to submit a poster abstract and apply for support via the
registration website by April 3.

The 2023 CEDAR workshop will provide financial support for up to 75

2023 CEDAR Workshop Organizers
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