CEDAR email: NSF FDSS solicitation released

Sharma, Mangala MSHARMA at nsf.gov
Tue Apr 11 12:20:42 MDT 2023

The National Science Foundation (NSF) Geospace Section announces a new iteration of our FDSS solicitation!

The Faculty Development in geoSpace Science (FDSS) funding opportunity supports the creation of new tenure-track faculty positions at U.S. universities and colleges. The aim of FDSS is to integrate topics in geospace science including solar and space physics and space weather research into natural sciences, engineering, or related departments at these institutions. FDSS stimulates the development of undergraduate or graduate programs or curricula capable of training the next generation of leaders in geospace science. FDSS now offers two tracks: one for all qualified U.S. institutions and an additional track for proposals from minority-serving institutions or emerging research institutions. We expect to make 1-3 awards in each track every other year from 2023 through 2033, subject to the availability of funds. NSF funding will support the salary, benefits, and training of the newly recruited tenure-track FDSS faculty member for up to five years with a total award amount not to exceed $1,500,000.

The full FDSS solicitation (NSF 23-577) is at: https://www.nsf.gov/publications/pub_summ.jsp?ods_key=nsf23577.
For 2023, the target date for proposal submission is September 18; proposals may be reviewed as and when they come in by ad hoc and/or panel reviews.

NSF Geospace program officers will host a virtual office hour on Friday April 21, 2023, 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT where the main topics will be FDSS and CEDAR (NSF 22-575: https://beta.nsf.gov/funding/opportunities/coupling-energetics-dynamics-atmospheric-regions) solicitations. Detailed announcement is forthcoming.

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