CEDAR email: Postdoctoral Opportunity at the New Jersey Institute of Technology

Goodwin, Lindsay V lindsay.v.goodwin at njit.edu
Thu Oct 6 22:08:03 MDT 2022

*Postdoctoral Opportunity at the New Jersey Institute of Technology*

The Center of Solar-Terrestrial Research (CSTR) at the New Jersey Institute
of Technology (NJIT) invites applications for a postdoctoral researcher
supervised by Dr Lindsay Goodwin. Located within Newark, New Jersey, CSTR
is an international leader in ground- and space-based solar and terrestrial
physics, with interest in understanding the effects of the Sun on the
geospace environment. The research associated with this position will
involve the analysis of ground-based observations to better understand the
dynamics and plasma physics associated with the upper atmosphere. In
addition to research, the successful candidate will help plan future
ground-based networks in collaboration with other members of NJIT.

Essential qualifications/expertise:


   A PhD degree in physics or a related field (e.g. electrical engineering).

   Expertise in plasma and space physics.

   Experience in analyzing data from ground-based instrumentation.

Preferred qualifications/expertise:


   Expertise in research that couples observations: 1) from the Sun to the
   Earth, and 2) between the magnetosphere and ionosphere.

   Experience in analyzing high-frequency radio data (e.g. SuperDARN,
   incoherent scatter radars).

   Simulation and model development of plasma physics and motion/dynamics.

Applications should be submitted by email to Lindsay Goodwin (
lindsay.v.goodwin at njit.edu) in PDF format. Please include: 1) a cover
letter, 2) a curriculum vitae, 3) statement of research interests, and 4)
contact information for three professional references. Review of
applications will begin on *November 15 *and continue until the position is
filled. Please contact Dr. Goodwin with any questions.

NJIT is an equal opportunity action employer. It is NJIT policy to provide
equal opportunity to qualified individuals regardless of race, color, sex,
national origin, religion, age, disability, veteran status, sexual
orientation, or any other status protected by state of local laws.

Lindsay Goodwin
Assistant Professor, Physics
Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research
New Jersey Institute of Technology
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