CEDAR email: Joint CEDAR-GEM DEI Happy Hour March 3, 2022 from 10-11 AM Eastern

Jones, Jr., McArthur mcarthur.jones at nrl.navy.mil
Tue Feb 22 10:27:06 MST 2022

Greeting CEDAR and DEI Enthusiast,

We are very happy to announce our second joint CEDAR-GEM DEI Happy Hour! Please come and join us to have a friendly chat and discussion about DEI related topics in the CEDAR and GEM Communities, and the world at large on March 3rd, 2022 from 10-11 AM Eastern Time. Please see the Zoom information and link below to join. We will also be posting Zoom information on the CEDAR DEI Slack Channel (https://app.slack.com/client/T0155SNDV46/C0162969NJE/details/top). For this joint CEDAR-GEM DEI Happy Hour will discuss topics including systematic oppression vs. individual behavior, and any others suggested by participants.

We look forward to seeing everyone and enjoy seeing the new faces that continue to join us. We welcome any and all to participate (even those outside CEDAR and GEM, so please help spread the word!

Hope to see you there!

CEDAR DEI Task Force and GEM DEI Committee

--PS: If you would like to express support for the CEDAR DEI Task Force and support the Actionable Items listed in the google doc above, please sign the CEDAR DEI Statement and Call to Action (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kimmOV-95pJud2smbYrx0UrPdcOpvEKrfeQjw0UPXQQ/edit?usp=sharing), if you haven’t already.

Zoom Link: https://uiowa.zoom.us/j/91938200349?pwd=QkkvaGR5NGVhK1BBdWJmMnc5UVBFdz09
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