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Please consider submitting an abstract to this summer’s AOGS 2022.
Session ST13 may be of particular interest:

ST13: Advances in Auroral Observations and Impact on Space Weather Research
Auroral activity is a result of coupling among the solar wind, magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere. Auroral activity results in the dissipation of energy at high latitudes through energetic particle precipitation and Joule heating. Much progress has been made over the past decades in auroral observations from ground- and space- based platforms. While localized auroral structures in non-sunlit and fixed regions can be revealed by ground observations, global auroral activity has to be observed by a satellite. However, observing the emissions from the aurora is only part of what is needed to understand how the high latitudes drive the global response of the coupled system. For example, Joule heating is strongly dependent on the local neutral winds. This session welcomes all contributions on auroral-related research though observations and/or modeling, such as auroral phenomena and associated physical processes, ionosphere and thermosphere response to auroral activity, feedback effect of auroral activity in geospace, advances in in situ and remote sensing techniques for auroral observations as well as future need of global and continuous auroral observations. Presentations on new or planned space mission or ground based observations are also encouraged.

Dr Larry Paxton (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, United States), larry.paxton at jhuapl.edu
Dr Jenny Carter (University of Leicester, United Kingdom), jac48 at leicester.ac.uk

Dr Keisuke Hosokawa (University of Electro-Communications, Japan), keisuke.hosokawa at uec.ac.jp

Dr Yongliang Zhang (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, United States), yongliang.zhang at jhuapl.edu

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