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Call for Abstracts Session TGCSS.1 – COSPAR 2022 44th General Assembly in Athens, July 16-24 2022.
We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to Scientific Event TGCSS.1 to be held at the COSPAR 2022 - 44th General Assembly in Athens, July 16-24 2022.
Abstract submission deadline Feb 11, 2022.

Session details:  https://www.cospar-assembly.org/admin/session_cospar.php?session=1139
The Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) has had a long history of bringing the nations of the world together to undertake creative space endeavors. In 2017, COSPAR assembled a group of researchers, managers, and policy makers to examine the question of how small satellites might be used to advance technology, science research, and space applications. The two-year COSPAR study led to a scientific roadmap that gave specific guidance concerning small spacecraft utilization. These recommendations were directed to the science community, to the space industry, to various space agencies, and broadly to policy makers around the world. Ultimately, the study team recommended that COSPAR take the next logical step and lay out goals, rules, and a viable approach for international smallsat research. In 2019, COSPAR established a Task Group on the Establishment of a Constellation of Small Satellites (TGCSS). COSPAR intends to facilitate a process whereby international teams can come together to define science goals and rules for a modular, international small satellite constellation. The role of COSPAR is one of an honest broker, coordinating not funding. The results of an international effort to build small satellite constellations would be valuable for all participants and would be more valuable than the individual parts. This session will focus on research results growing out of the TGCSS activity.

Scientific Event Main Scientific Organizer (MSO) and Scientific Event Deputy Organizer (DO)
Main Scientific Organizer
Daniel N. Baker
LASP / University of Colorado
3665 Discovery Drive
80303-78 Boulder
United States
Tel: 303-492-4509
E-Mail: daniel.baker at lasp.colorado.edu<mailto:daniel.baker at lasp.colorado.edu>

Deputy Organizer
Amal Chandran
LASP / University of Colorado
3665 Innovation Drive
80303-78 Boulder
United States
E-Mail: amal.chandran at lasp.colorado.edu<mailto:amal.chandran at lasp.colorado.edu>

Thank you very much for your attention.  We look forward to your submission.

Sincerely yours,
Scientific Event Organizers: Drs. Daniel Baker (LASP, USA) and Amal Chandran (LASP, USA)

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