CEDAR email: AMPERE-NEXT: Data Release and New Website

Vines, Sarah K. Sarah.Vines at jhuapl.edu
Wed Aug 17 13:22:01 MDT 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of Active Magnetosphere and Planetary Electrodynamics Response Experiment (AMPERE)* data and derived products obtained from magnetometer and supporting data acquired by the Iridium Communications NEXT** satellite constellation in low Earth orbit. AMPERE-NEXT data and reprocessed AMPERE data are now accessible via https://ampere.jhuapl.edu.

AMPERE-NEXT data is available from 2019 March 1 through the present, and is updated monthly. AMPERE products from the original Iridium constellation (Block-1) have also been reprocessed with improved baseline corrections and now include 8 months of data not previously available. AMPERE Block-1 data is now provided as a continuous dataset from 2010 January 1 through 2017 September 18.

The AMPERE website has also been updated, improving user navigation and increasing ease of use (please note the change to “https”). A new web API service is now available for downloading magnetic perturbation time series data, derived continuous fits, and radial Birkeland current densities.

Please visit https://ampere.jhuapl.edu for more information on AMPERE and AMPERE-NEXT, including information on forthcoming updates and releases of AMPERE-NEXT data, derived products, and tools.

* AMPERE is an NSF Geospace Facility.
** Iridium NEXT is a registered tradename of Iridium Communications LLS.

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