CEDAR email: New SuperDARN open-source data and web visualization tools

Chartier, Alex T. Alex.Chartier at jhuapl.edu
Mon Aug 15 13:33:15 MDT 2022

Updated link to page: https://superdarn.jhuapl.edu

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Dear CEDAR Community,

The APL SuperDARN page has been updated with new data visualization and download tools: superdarn.jhuapl.edu<http://www.superdarn.jhuapl.edu>

The files now available for download provide geolocated line-of-sight velocity data in netCDF format. The availability is shown here: superdarn.jhuapl.edu/inventory<https://superdarn.jhuapl.edu/inventory>
The netCDF files are stored on Zenodo, but can be downloaded via our page here: superdarn.jhuapl.edu/download<https://superdarn.jhuapl.edu/download>
All these files are based on the publicly released set of rawACF data: https://www.frdr-dfdr.ca/repo/collection/superdarn

As always, users should consult with the relevant SuperDARN radar PI(s) prior to submission of work intended for publication.

Alex Chartier

Wallops SuperDARN P.I.
Space Exploration Sector: Geospace and Earth Sciences
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Laurel, MD 20723
Office Phone: 240-592-5861

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