CEDAR email: List of Decadal Survey White Papers

Goodwin, Lindsay V lindsay.v.goodwin at njit.edu
Fri Aug 5 13:22:57 MDT 2022

Hello CEDAR Community,

As we rapidly approach the deadline to submit white papers to the Decadal
it is critical that our community endeavors to submit white papers
that reflect the broad interests of CEDAR. In this regard, one issue that
has arisen is that there is confusion about who all is writing white papers
and what all these white papers are about. Currently, there are several
lists of white papers that community members have developed, but no one
list completely captures every white paper being written. This makes it
challenging to understand where there are gaps.

To fix this, the CSSC and myself would like to encourage everyone who is
writing a white paper, or who has a list of white papers being written, to
document or link it in some manner to this spreadsheet established by Larry
Kepko shortly after the Helio2050 conference
Although this list is not complete, I am pushing for us to unify behind
this list because it is one of the more heavily circulated lists (and has
reached communities outside of CEDAR).

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns, and I will do my
best to work with you.

Lindsay Goodwin
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