CEDAR email: JpGU 2021: Atmosphere-Ionosphere coupling session

Huixin Liu liu.huixin.295 at m.kyushu-u.ac.jp
Fri Jan 29 18:20:16 MST 2021

Dear all,

We would like to invite your contribution to our session on  
”Coupling processes in the atmosphere-ionosphere system"
in JpGU Meeting 2021
http://www.jpgu.org/meeting_e2021/ <http://www.jpgu.org/meeting_e2021/>
May 30-June 1, On-site at Yokohama
June 3- June 6, Online all over the world

<Abstract submission>
http://www.jpgu.org/meeting_e2021/presentation.php <http://www.jpgu.org/meeting_e2021/presentation.php>
- Early submission deadline: 4 Feb (Tue), 23:59 JST
- Final submission deadline: 18 Feb (Tue), 17:00 JST

<Session Description>
[P-EM11] coupling processes in the atmosphere-ionosphere system
http://www.jpgu.org/meeting_e2021/sessionlist_en/detail/P-EM11.html <http://www.jpgu.org/meeting_e2021/sessionlist_en/detail/P-PS01.html>
The Atmosphere-Ionosphere (A-I) system forms the so-called near-Earth space. Recent rapidly expanding use of satellite constellations in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) drives a high demand for better understanding and accurate forecast of the global A-I system for scientific and operational purposes. This session aims to provide a forum for research advances and frontiers related to these aspects, and we invite presentations on global A-I coupling at all temporal and spatial scales. This includes but is not limited to: A-I coupling via atmospheric waves (tides, gravity waves, planetary waves) and trace gases (CO2, O3, H2O), A-I response to Space Weather events (solar flares, CMEs, CIRs), polar-equatorial or inter-hemispheric coupling via TADs/TIDs/disturbance dynamo/penetration electric field, ionospheric plasma irregularities, ionospheric currents, etc. Observations, theoretical studies, model simulations, data assimilation, instruments development are all highly welcome.

 - Huixin Liu, Kyushu University, Japan
 - Loren Chang, National Central University, Taiwan
 - Yuichi Otsuka, Nagoya University, Japan
 - Yue Deng, University of Texas at Arlington, US

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