CEDAR email: Mini-GEM session “Interhemispheric Approaches to Understand M-I Coupling (IHMIC)” | January 21 (Thursday) | 10am -12 pm (EST)

Tomoko Matsuo tomoko.matsuo at colorado.edu
Wed Jan 20 16:39:46 MST 2021

Dear CEDAR community,

We would like to invite you to participate in our VGEM focus group session, “Interhemispheric Approaches to Understand M-I Coupling (IHMIC)” at the 2021 virtual mini-GEM workshop on January 21 (Thursday) from 10 am to 12 pm (EST).

After hearing from the following speakers from both GEM and CEDAR community on their recent research:

  *   Hyomin Kim, Interhemispheric Asymmetries in High-Latitude M-I Coupling Processes: Magnetic field Perturbations, Currents and Convection
  *   Sungjun Noh, Interhemispheric Ground Responses to Hot Flow Anomalies
  *   Astrid Maute, MI coupling considering interhemispheric asymmetries: ionospheric perspective
  *   Ray Lopez, The Center for the Unified Study of Interhemispheric Asymmetries: Research Focus and Future plans
  *   Claudia Stolle, Characteristics of auroral field-aligned current viewed by different missions (GRACE-FO, DMSP, i.a.)
  *   Bob Strangeway, Interhemispherical Asymmetries in Radial Currents Observed at Low Altitudes by AMPERE During a Geomagnetic Storm
  *   Anthea Coster, Joseph Huba, Stan Sazykin, and Richard Wolf, Model-Data Exploration of Hemispherical Asymmetries in the Magnetosphere /Ionosphere System
  *   Mike Hartinger, Inter-hemispheric Comparisons during High-Latitude Solar Eclipses

We will have discussion on the following overarching questions for this GEM focus group:
1. How can the level of asymmetry be quantified from various observations and modeling results?
2. What will be the next step forward in understanding interhemispheric MI coupling?
3. What type of research from other sub-disciplines could be helpful to close the gap in our understanding of interhemispheric MI coupling?

Webex Meeting:
Meeting number (access code): 120 173 0207
Meeting password: minigem

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The detailed focus group description as well as this mini-GEM session information can be found on the following website: https://gem.epss.ucla.edu/mediawiki/index.php/FG:_Interhemispheric_Approaches_to_Understand_M-I_Coupling_(IHMIC)

We are looking forward to your participation in mini GEM!

Best wishes,
Hyomin Kim, Bob Lysak, Tomoko Matsuo

Tomoko Matsuo
Assistant Professor
Ann and H.J. Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences
3775 Discovery Drive, CCAR 429 UCB
University of Colorado at Boulder, CO 80303-0429
tomoko.matsuo at colorado.edu<mailto:tomoko.matsuo at colorado.edu>  | 303-735-7144 (v) | 303-492-7881 (f)

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