CEDAR email: Student Leadership Opportunities During CEDAR

Meghan Lemay mmlemay at bu.edu
Wed Jan 20 14:10:47 MST 2021

Hi CEDAR Students!

Based on the feedback from the Student Leadership Opportunity Survey, we
are moving forward with three initiatives for students: the opportunity to
co-convene a session as a student, the student newsletter, and creating
videos for high school students. If you would like to be a part of any of
these leadership initiatives please email Komal or me.  These opportunities
are open to both *domestic and international students*.

Here is a summary of the previous email that was sent

1. We want to ask if anyone would like to contribute to a specific session
in the workshop as a *student convener. *This would involve sharing some
of the workload with fellow convenors and potentially providing a summary
of the session to the CSSC committee.

2. Last year, we published the first issue of the *student newsletter*, and
it could not have been done without the 11 CEDAR student volunteers. We
would like to do this again. If you are willing to contribute to the
student newsletter for the future CEDAR 2021 workshop, please have a look
at the Student News Letter 2020
<https://cedarweb.vsp.ucar.edu/wiki/images/b/b2/2020_CEDAR2020_SNL.pdf> for
your reference.

3. We want to increase awareness about CEDAR to the broader community,
specifically high school and undergraduate students. Let us know if you
would be interested in helping with *content creation*, specifically
videos, that would engage a broader audience.


Your CEDAR Student Reps

Meghan LeMay
mmlemay at bu.edu

Komal Kumari
kkumari at g.clemson.edu
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