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Could I please post this announcement on the CEDAR mailing list.
Many thanks!!
Tim Fuller-Rowell
Re: AT-AP RASC 2022 Session G04 - Recent advances on ionospheric
perturbation indices and scales

Dear Colleagues,

In the frame of the next *3rd URSI Atlantic Radio Science Meeting
(AT-AP-RASC 2022, **http://www.at-rasc.com/* <http://www.at-rasc.com/>*)* that
will be held between *May 29 and June 3, 2022* in Gran Canaria (Spain), we
are organizing a session titled:

*"G04 : Recent advances on ionospheric perturbation indices and scales" *

The call for paper is here
<https://www.atrasc.com/content/AT-AP-RASC2022_CFP.pdf> (*Paper submission
deadline: January 15, 2022*), while you can find a list of the
available sessions at this link <https://www.atrasc.com/papersubmission.php>,
including a description of the G-sessions (including our G04) available here
<https://www.atrasc.com/content/Session_Description_G.docx> (.docx) and at
the bottom of this email.

The meeting will be organized as a *hybrid event*

As usual the meeting includes a *Student Paper Competition and a Young
Scientist Award*  to support student and early career participation.

Best Regards,

*Session Convenor: Luca Spogli, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e


*Norbert Jakowski, German Aerospace Center*

*Tim Fuller-Rowell, NOAA/SWPC*

*Guozhu Li, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of

*Session Description:*

*G04 : Recent advances on ionospheric perturbation indices and scales*

The formation of ionospheric irregularities results from dynamical
processes in the ionosphere including transport processes, instabilities,
and turbulence, being driven and modulated by Space Weather phenomena and
by the forcing from the neutral atmosphere. Ionospheric irregularities
affect the propagation of radio waves (e.g., scintillation), posing a
threat on modern radio systems. Among these, Global Navigation Satellite
Systems (GNSS) critical applications, for which accuracy, availability,
continuity, and integrity are mandatory, and HF/VHF/UHF radio
communications that exploit reflection and refraction by the ionosphere.
The session welcomes papers addressing recent developments in definition,
implementation, standardization, modeling and predictability of ionospheric
perturbation indices and activity scales. The session is also willing to
ease the dialog with the user community (e.g., aviation, farming, safety of
life) by accepting contributions addressing how the use of indices and
scale can support specific operations and services. Papers addressing data
standardization, preservation and access are also welcome.
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