CEDAR email: Survey on AI-ready Data User Needs

Rob Redmon - NOAA Federal rob.redmon at noaa.gov
Wed Dec 8 08:03:11 MST 2021

Dear CEDAR colleagues,

Do you have experience and ideas about what factors make open environmental
data easier to use for artificial intelligence or machine learning (AI
/ML) applications?

Please consider circulating the following survey to data users within our
community who may provide valuable insight.

*The survey is open until December 22nd* and here is a link: https://bit.ly/

This survey is sponsored by the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
<https://www.esipfed.org/>, an NGO that fosters collaboration around data

See additional details below, and please reach out to Douglas Rao (
douglas.rao at noaa.gov) and Tyler Christensen (tyler.christensen at noaa.gov) if
you have any questions.

Thank you for your consideration!,


The Data Readiness collaboration group
<http://wiki.esipfed.org/Data_Readiness> of the Earth Science Information
Partners (ESIP) is conducting a voluntary and anonymous survey to
understand user requirements for open environmental data that can enable AI/ML
applications (i.e., AI-readiness). NOAA leads this group, with members also
from NASA, USGS, NSF, and two DOE labs-- along with partners in private
industry, NGOs, research labs, and universities.

This survey may take you 20–25 minutes to complete. Access the survey using
this link - https://bit.ly/ai-ready-data. The survey will be open until 22
December 2021.

 Your inputs are much needed to help data producers and providers to
understand user requirements for AI-ready data and make improvements for
open environmental data. These improvements will benefit all AI/ML
application developers and general data users with less effort in cleaning
and preparing the data for their use cases.

 Here’s why we think it’s worth investing your time. To our knowledge, this
is the first time that AI/ML practitioners have been asked about their
detailed data needs. Your input will be analyzed and compiled as an
environmental and Earth data community guideline to:

   - Inform data providers in evaluating existing open environmental
   datasets to assess their AI-readiness, helping data users discover data
   that already meets their needs.
   - Provide a consistent framework for different data users to assess
   and ensure data interoperability across different data centers.
   - Prioritize modernization and improvement efforts to improve open
   environmental data for AI/ML applications and general uses.
   - Set community standards for new dataset development.

We hope this collaborative effort coordinated by the Data Readiness group
of ESIP can produce community-driven requirements for AI-ready data and
lead to official data standards development to improve the usability of
open environmental data.

Thank you so much for your time. Please reach out If you have any questions
about the survey.
Rob Redmon, PhD - Space Scientist
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