CEDAR email: JOB OPENING: Postdoctoral Positions in University of Alabama in Huntsville

Ying Zou yz0025 at uah.edu
Sat Aug 28 16:57:54 MDT 2021

The University of Alabama in Huntsville is seeking 2 regular full-time
Postdoctoral Research Assistant III positions to work in the Center for
Space Plasma and Aeronomic Research for approximately two years with the
potential for renewal. Major projects for the positions include, but are
not limited to

(1) Perform studies on the ionosphere-thermosphere coupling at high-, mid-,
and low-latitudes using a wide range of observational tools. The study will
be based on low-Earth orbiting spacecraft, such as ICON, SWARM, DMSP, and
ground-based facilities such as Febry-Perot Interferometers,
Scanning-Doppler Imagers, coherent and incoherent scatter radars, etc.;

(2) Perform studies on magnetic reconnection and flux ropes at the dayside
magnetopause and nightside magnetotail, and the associated
magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling features. The study will be based on
spacecraft observations made by MMS, THEMIS, Cluster, etc, facilitated
by Grad-Shafranov
(*G-S*) reconstruction technique, as well as ionospheric observations, such
as all-sky imagers, radars, and DMSPs.

• PhD in space science, physics, or relevant fields is required

• At least 2 years of full-time verifiable research experience is required
• Experience in analyzing ground-based or space-borne data is highly desired

How to Apply:
Applicants must submit the following materials to the job application link

And by email to Ying Zou yz0025 at uah.edu:

1. A cover letter describing background, qualifications, and experience
relevant to the position.
2. A full curriculum vitae (CV) - detailing education, awards,
publications, research experience, etc.

3. A research statement describing research interest
4. Contact information for three professional references

The duration is two years with the potential for renewal. Salary will
follow the UAH standard for post-doctoral scholars and will scale with the
applicant’s experience.

Department Contact:

Dr. Ying Zou

Assistant Professor, Center for Space Plasma and Aeronomic Research

Email: yz0025 at uah.edu

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