CEDAR email: CEDAR 2020 "virtual" student day

Komal Kumari kkumari at g.clemson.edu
Sat May 23 09:00:00 MDT 2020

Dear CEDAR students (and non-students!),

We would like to draw your attention to the *student day (Monday, June 22)*
that is taking place as part of the *virtual CEDAR workshop* this year. We
encourage you to participate. It is a great opportunity to expose yourself
to the fundamentals in our field, learn about recent scientific progress,
and interact with the community. The student day will run from 9AM to 3PM
MDT (about 6 hours) with some brief coffee/lunch breaks. The theme this
year is “*Mapping future directions of aeronomy and space physics*”. We
have 6-7 live/pre-recorded (mostly live) lectures on various topics (a
schedule will be released in the coming weeks). The end of each lecture
will have a Q&A session.

We urge you to register *free of cost* for the workshop here:


There won’t be a poster session or competition this year, but *students are
encouraged to submit poster-like presentations*. Details are available here:


The workshop this year is a *great participation opportunity for
international students*, as there are often airfare limitations for the
in-person workshops.

Matthew (grawe2 at illinois.edu) and I would like to encourage each student to
participate in the workshop. Additionally, we may need a few volunteers to
help moderate the virtual sessions. Please let us know if you would like to
assist! We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Komal Kumari

Incoming CEDAR student representative

Graduate student
Physics and Astronomy department
Clemson university
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