CEDAR email: System for Integrated Modeling of the Atmosphere (SIMA) workshop announcement

Astrid Maute maute at ucar.edu
Fri May 22 15:27:41 MDT 2020

Dear Atmospheric Modeler,

We are pleased to announce that NSF (National Science Foundation)
<https://www.nsf.gov/dir/index.jsp?org=GEO> and NCAR (National Center for
Atmospheric Research) <https://ncar.ucar.edu/> are jointly organizing a 2.5
day virtual workshop from June 29 to July 1, 2020 to communicate and
discuss the development of a new unified framework for atmospheric

Scientific breakthroughs in understanding the climate system and resolving
the uncertainties in the climate’s response to anthropogenic activities is
contingent on the availability of robust atmospheric models with a broad
range of capabilities. In response to that need, SIMA, or the System for
Integrated Modeling of the Atmosphere <https://wiki.ucar.edu/display/SIMA/>,
is an effort initiated by NCAR to develop a unified atmospheric modeling
framework for the broad scientific community.  The goal is for SIMA to
enable scientific applications within and across climate, weather,
chemistry, and geospace. This workshop aims to bring experts within and
across these fields together to inform the scientific and technical
directions for SIMA’s short- and long-term development.

We would be delighted if you, as an active developer, user, or manager of
atmospheric models, could apply to participate in this workshop to provide
feedback and direction to NCAR and the community on this next-generation
effort. Below, you will find a draft agenda for the workshop, which will
primarily consist of plenary sessions and breakout groups. The breakout
groups will discuss various scientific facets of SIMA. There will also be
some pre-recorded presentations, available prior to the workshop, for
participants to review at their own time. Similar to a scientific meeting
or conference, there will be opportunities to network with fellow
participants and learn more about their current adventures in atmospheric

Because of the difficulties of holding a virtual meeting with many
participants, we need to limit the overall number to a maximum of
approximately 150. To apply to participate in this workshop, complete your
application here: https://tinyurl.com/y9ru3w9z

If your application is accepted, you will commit to:


   Attempt to attend all planned sessions; time commitment ~10 hours total

      June 29th: 10 am to 12 pm (plenary) and 1 to 3 pm (breakout #1)

      June 30th: 10am to 12 pm (breakout #2) and 1 to 3 pm (breakout #3)

      July 1st: 10 am to 12 pm (synthesis)

Note that all times are MDT.


   Review SIMA-related documents and videos that will be shared two weeks
   prior to the workshop; time commitment ~2 hours total

   Participate in two surveys at least 1 week before the workshop; time
   commitment ~15 mins each

      SIMA Community Survey: https://forms.gle/HwUXG3HpRReK7nZ39

      Atmospheric Model User Experience Survey:

If you have any questions about SIMA, the workshop, or your participation,
please do not hesitate to email the SIMA leads: Andrew Gettleman (climate;
andrew at ucar.edu), Bill Skamarock (weather; skamaroc at ucar.edu), Mary Barth
(chemistry; barthm at ucar.edu), and Hanli Liu (geospace; liuh at ucar.edu).


NCAR SIMA Leads and Organizing Committee
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