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Cowee, Misa mcowee at lanl.gov
Fri Feb 21 10:31:40 MST 2020

The Space Science and Applications (ISR-1) and Space and Remote Sensing Sciences (ISR-2) groups at Los Alamos National Laboratory would like to advertise new postdoctoral positions in Space Physics and Ionospheric Remote Sensing.  More details are provided below.

Position #1:  Space Physics Postdoc

The Space Science and applications (ISR-1) Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory seeks postdoctoral candidates to participate in the areas of magnetospheric and heliospheric research.  Examples of postdoc projects include:

  *   MHD and test particle simulations of heavy ion transport from the ionosphere into the magnetosphere
  *   Quantification of ionospheric conditions for M-I coupling models
  *   Radiation belt event case studies using the LANL DREAM3D diffusion model
  *   Theoretical and numerical investigation of the transition from quasi-linear to nonlinear wave-particle interaction regimes, and application of results to global scales
  *   Numerical modeling of EM wave propagation in the ionosphere and magnetosphere

Candidates are required to have: a Ph.D. degree in physics or related field, completed within the past five years, or soon to be completed; a demonstrated ability to work independently and as a member of a team; and good communication skills.

Experience in any one of the following is desired:

  *   Magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling, radiation belt physics, or wave-particle interaction theory
  *   Numerical modeling of space or ionospheric plasmas (i.e. MHD, particle-in-cell, Fokker-Planck diffusion, test particle, FDTD full wave modeling, ray tracing)
  *   Numerical model development with C, C++ and/or FORTRAN
  *   High-performance computing
  *   Observational analysis of magnetospheric, heliospheric, or ionospheric plasmas

Interested candidates can view the full job ad and submit a cover letter and CV at jobs.lanl.gov and search for vacancy IRC78854.

Position #2:  Ionospheric Remote Sensing Postdoc

The Space and Remote Sensing Sciences (ISR-2) Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory is looking for an outstanding applicant for a position in ionospheric remote sensing. The successful candidate will work on ionospheric data analysis from some combination of ground-based GPS receivers, digisonde measurements, and incoherent scatter radar. The chosen ionospheric research project can be focused on ionospheric/magnetospheric coupling, midlatitude ionospheric disturbances, or equatorial electrodynamics. Postdoctoral
candidates are required to have a Ph.D. degree, completed within the past five years, or soon to be completed.

The successful candidate should have familiarity with scientific data processing,  programming, and statistical analysis as well as familiarity with atmospheric and ionospheric phenomenology, especially as it involves the generation and propagation of radiofrequency signals.   The candidate should also have a background in a relevant branch of physics (e.g., atmospheric, ionospheric, astronomy, plasma), or electrical engineering, or a closely related discipline; excellent communication skills; ability and desire to work both independently and as part of a multi-disciplinary team; and willingness to expand into new fields.

We especially seek candidates with familiarity in the design and deployment of RF remote sensing systems, experience with large-volume data analysis techniques and statistical analysis skills, or experience with signal processing of ground-based GPS receiver data to produce total electron content.

The position is open to all citizenships, but candidates with the ability to obtain a Q clearance, which normally requires U.S. citizenship, will have more opportunities.

For more details of the position visit jobs.lanl.gov and search for vacancy IRC76197.  Interested candidates should submit a CV and cover letter explaining the candidate’s experience relevant to the position.

Misa Cowee (ISR-1) and Erin Lay (ISR-2)
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