CEDAR email: Workshop on "Radio Observations and Theory of Atmospheric Discharge Processes"

Astrid Maute maute at ucar.edu
Fri Feb 21 07:40:04 MST 2020

*Radio Observations and Theory of *
*Atmospheric Discharge Processes*

This workshop aims at pushing forward the scientific under-standing of
radio observations and theory of atmospheric dis-charge processes.
Potential topics include, but are not limited to, interferometry, sferics,
radio signatures, lightning initiation and propagation, high energy
atmospheric physics, general electrical discharges, streamers, leaders, and
the lightning impact on the mesosphere and ionosphere.

*P**rogram: *

   - Radio observations, interferometry and sferics
   - High energy atmospheric physics
   - Lightning effects on the mesosphere and ionosphere
   - Streamers and Leaders of discharge processes
   - Physics and effects of lightning discharges

*How to get to Bath: *https://www.ctrwiae.org/howtogettobath
*Registration: *https://www.ctrwiae.org/workshop2020
*Deadline: *31st March 2020

*Conference Chairs: *
Joseph Dwyer, Martin Fullekrug, Ningyu Liu, Steven Cummer

*Invited Speakers:* Alejandro Luque, Caitano da Silva, Joseph Dwyer,
Maribeth Stolzenburg, Martin Fullekrug, Michael Briggs, Michael Stock,
Mitsuteru Sato, Morris Cohen, Nikolai Ostgaard, Ningyu Liu, Olaf Scholten,
Paul Krehbiel, Phil Bitzer, Robert Marshall, Robert Moore, Sebastien
Celestin, Steven Cummer, Thomas Marshall, Torsten Neubert, Ute Ebert,
Victor Pasko, Vladimir Rakov, Xiushu Qie, Xuan-Min Shao.
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