CEDAR email: Regarding a newly installed allsky airglow imager at Hanle, Leh Ladakh, India

Sumanta Sarkhel sarkhel.fph at iitr.ac.in
Thu Jun 20 06:32:09 MDT 2019

Dear Researcher, 
 I am glad to inform you that we have
installed an allsky multi-wavelength airglow imager in the Indian
Himalayan region at Hanle, Leh Ladakh, (32.77°N, 78.97°E; Magnetic dip latitude
~24.1°N). The purpose of the allsky imaging system is to understand the optical
emissions from Earth's upper atmosphere and its connection with plasma
irregularities in the ionosphere over the Himalayan region during nighttime.
This is the first instrument of its kind in India which is installed at an
altitude of about 4200 m from mean sea level. This multi-wavelength imager
has a temperature controlled filter wheel for mounting interference
filters. Two slots are mounted with 630.0 and 557.7 nm interference filters
with 2 nm bandwidth and another slot is kept open to observe cloud conditions
of the sky. We got the first light on 12 June, 2018. The imaging system
is fully automatic and keeps on taking observation during nighttime. The
details of the imager, observations and the first results are available at: 


  In order to facilitate scientific collaboration,
a web interface for viewing the imager data has been designed. Please visit our
webpage for more information: 


  I take the
opportunity to announce that the imager data is now open for collaboration. Users
can browse through the quick look data for all the
available nights. High resolution images can be requested though email. Kindly
go through the "Allsky Imager Data" page for more details:  


behalf of my team, I invite you to use the allsky imager data and establish an
academic collaboration with our group. 

and Regards, 
Sarkhel, Ph.D. 

Department of Physics,

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee,

Roorkee - 247667,



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