CEDAR email: Invitation to the GEM IEMIT sessions for the MIT coupling studies

Hyunju Connor hkconnor at alaska.edu
Wed Jun 19 22:14:39 MDT 2019

Dear CEDAR scientists,

We invite you to the following GEM sessions titled “3D ionospheric electrodynamics and its impact on magnetosphere – ionosphere – thermosphere coupled system (IEMIT)”.  Please visit the following website to check the updated schedules and the detailed session description:
http://aten.igpp.ucla.edu/gemwiki/index.php/FG:_3D_Ionospheric_Electrodynamics_and_Its_Impact_on_the_Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere_Coupled_System <http://aten.igpp.ucla.edu/gemwiki/index.php/FG:_3D_Ionospheric_Electrodynamics_and_Its_Impact_on_the_Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere_Coupled_System>. 

Here are the tentative schedules of four IEMIT sessions:

*** 1. IEMIT stand-alone session: 10:30 - 12:00 pm on Monday in Lumpkins Ballroom ***
Olga Verkhoglyadova: Summary of CEDAR MIT coupling efforts
Hyunju Connor: Relation between reconnection and cross polar cap potential during the sudden enhancement of solar wind pressure; SMILE mission for the MIT coupling study.
Doga Ozturk: What is the role of meso-scale electric fields in M-I-T Coupling?
Kevin Pham: CMIT model
Dong Wei: The magnetospheric driving source of double-peak subauroral ion drifts (DSAIDs): Double ring current pressure peak
Qianli Ma: diffusion coefficients due to chorus waves and electron precipitation features
Dmytro Sydorenko: Development of a photoelectron effects module for a comprehensive model of coupled ionosphere and magnetosphere

*** 2. IEMIT stand-alone session: 1:30 - 3:00 pm on Monday in Lumpkins Ballroom North ***
Christine Garbrielse: Storm Time Mesoscale Plasma Flows in the Nightside High‐Latitude Ionosphere
Jiang Liu: SWARM & DMSP observations of the eastward plasma flows in the dawnside ionosphere and their comparison with THEMIS ASI observations.
Ying Zou: effects of substorms in high-latitude upper thermospheric winds
Sebastijan Mrak : Storm-time MI-coupling at mid-latitudes: Highly structured plasmapause boundary layer
Brian Anderson: Observed GIC Events in the Pacific Northwest and Corresponding Ionospheric Electrodynamics: Beyond Substorms as the Dominant Cause of GICs
Denny Oliveira: A historical finding of a sporadic aurora sighting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 15 Feb 1875
Colby Lemon: Role of ion precipitation in plasmasphere erosion
Naomi Maruyama (5min talk): Cold plume plasma coupling between the magnetosphere, plasmasphere and ionosphere

*** 3. IEMIT-MMV joint session for ionospheric conductance challenge: 3:30 - 5:00 pm on Tuesday in Lumpkins Ballroom South ***
Overview from the CEDAR conductance challenge on the 17 Mar 2013 storm
Shin Ohtani: Solar zenith angle dependence of the auroral electrojets and its impact on conductance.
Toshi Nishimura: Ionospheric conductance observations of the 17 March 2013 event
Doga Ozturk: GTIM empirical results.
Gang Lu: AMIE results on the 17 Mar 2013 storm
Bob Robinson: The 17 Mar 2013 storm results from a new empirical ionospheric electrodynamics model 
Hyunju Connor: OpenGGCM results on the 17 Mar 2013 storm
Kevin Pham: CMIT-IPWM results on the 17 Mar 2013 storm
Agnit Mukhopadhya: BATSRUS results on the 17 Mar 2013 storm
Magaret Chen: Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Electron Precipitation Dynamics and Conductance during the 17 March 2013 Storm

*** 4. IEMIT-UMEA joint session for waves & their impact on IT: 3:30 - 5:00 pm on Wednesday in Lumpkins Ballroom South ***
(Invited) Boyi Wang: Ionospheric modulation by Pc5 ULF waves and wave structure detected by PFISR
(Invited) Xiaojia Zhang / Anton Artemyev: ULF modulation of VLF waves and precipitation
Doga Ozturk: Update from GEM/CEDAR joint session, PFISR E/ground magnetometer comparisons
Anatoly Streltsov: Effects of Hall conductivity on generation of ULF waves in magnetosphere-ionosphere interactions
Mergen Aligabetov: ULF waves observed in space and on the ground at high and low latitudes
Mark Engebretson: Multi-Instrument Observations of Nighttime Impulsive Magnetic Events
Bob Lysak: Modeling ionospheric conductance and ground magnetic fields
Yan Song: ULF wave, M-I coupling and Auroral formation.

Thank you very much!
Hyunju Connor.

Hyunju Kim Connor
Assistant Professor
Physics Department & Geophysical Institute
University of Alaska Fairbanks
2156 Koyukuk Drive, P.O. Box 757320
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-7320, USA
TEL +1-907-474-5421
hkconnor at alaska.edu

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