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Hirsch, Michael mhirsch at bu.edu
Fri Jun 7 06:45:34 MDT 2019

Software Engineering impacts all aspects of modern geoscience and heliophysics, from streaming data collection via networks of heterogeneous sensors to data analysis, modeling and data science. Usually we hear about the great science being done, but less about how it’s done. As a first step to fill this knowledge-sharing gap, we are holding a “Software Engineering for Heliophysics” session on Monday June 17 1:30-3:30pm in Zia/Eldorado. We are looking for additional speakers in areas including:

  *   Version control (Git / Mercurial)
  *   Continuous Test / Integration
  *   updating legacy models for centralized / cloud deployment
  *   What’s your favorite IDE? And other 3-5 slide lightning talks of general software interest
  *   Other ideas you may wish to discuss with those interested in enhancing the state of the practice for heliophysics software

This session is a series of tutorials. They should be especially useful for those who may not yet be using these techniques, or would like to use them more effectively. This is targeting students and early career practitioners, and also mid- and senior-career who would like to be informed of current trends from industry that are beneficial to science data collection, model generation and data science / analysis.

Please see our session agenda for topics of interest, and to request a topic or present yourself.

Thank you.

Michael Hirsch (mhirsch at bu.edu<mailto:mhirsch at bu.edu>)
Matthew Zettergren (zettergm at erau.edu<mailto:zettergm at erau.edu>)
Guy Grubbs (guygrubbs at gmail.com<mailto:guygrubbs at gmail.com>)
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