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Final Reminder!!!!

Please consider submitting an abstract to the SA006 - Composition and Temperature Variations in the Mesosphere, Thermosphere and Ionosphere session at the 2019 Fall AGU Meeting to be held in San Francisco, CA, 9-13 December 2019. Reminder: the abstract submission deadline is Wednesday 31 July 2019, at 11:59 PM EDT.

Session Description
The composition and temperature variations of Earth’s mesosphere, thermosphere, and ionosphere are determined by the complex interplay of chemical, dynamical, and thermodynamic processes driven by forcing from both above and below. More importantly, the forcing of these regions and the different processes that govern their composition and temperature vary over a wide range of timescales (e.g., seasonal to inter-annual), hindering accurate representations of thermospheric and ionospheric composition and temperature critical to satellite operations and radio communications. Current space missions, field campaigns, and novel data assimilation, theoretical and physics-based modeling advances have led to a new understanding of the how and why the dominant drivers of composition and temperature in the mesosphere, thermosphere, and ionosphere change over such timescales. This session therefore seeks to highlight various topics surrounding middle and upper atmospheric composition and temperature variability and the prominent mechanisms that drive their seasonal and inter-annual variability using observations and models. (see https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm19/prelim.cgi/Session/76082).

Abstracts can be submitted at https://www2.agu.org/Fall-Meeting/Pages/Submit-an-abstract.

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