CEDAR email: Comments due on LPAG drafts of the 9 Strategic Science Areas - due July 18th

Anthea J Coster costera at mit.edu
Thu Jul 11 17:37:12 MDT 2019

To the CEDAR community:
The draft Strategic Science Areas (SSAs) for the NASA Living With a Star program, along with  community input boxes, are available at LPAG website:
Comments accepted at website until July 14
We would welcome your comments on any of the SSA’s.  The ones I think are most relevant to the CEDAR community are given here.

SSA-V: Dynamics of the Global Ionosphere and Plasmasphere
Key Elements : Electron Density Profile, Total Electron Content, Storm Time Dynamics, Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances, Plasmasphere Refilling
(revised from original SSA-4, TEC Forecasting)
SSA-VI: Localized Ionospheric Irregularities
Key Elements : Plasma Instabilities, Radio Wave Propagation, Scintillation, Polar Cap Absorption
(revised from original SSA-5, Scintillation Forecasting)
SSA-VII: Composition and Energetics of the Neutral Upper Atmosphere
Key Elements : Atmospheric Drag, Heating and Cooling, Waves and Tides
(revised from original SSA-2, Satellite Drag Forecasting)
SSA-IX: Stellar Impacts on Planetary Habitability
Key Elements: Atmospheric Depletion and Stripping, Magnetospheric Shielding, Stellar Winds, Flares and Mass Ejections
(new topic)

Your comments do not have to be extensive, and you can select any one of the SSAs to make comments on, but we do need comments in by July 14th.
Thank you,

Anthea Coster and Mark Linton, NASA LPAG co-chairs
Anthea J. Coster, PhD
MIT Haystack Observatory
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