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Stoneback, Russell rstoneba at utdallas.edu
Thu Jul 11 14:05:34 MDT 2019


 Version 2.0 of the Python Satellite Data Analysis Toolkit (pysat) has just been released! pysat is designed to make working with all types of space science data easier by abstracting away all the tedious file and data handling responsibilities, allowing you to spend more time on analysis. With version 2.0, we’ve included new instruments, new features, new documentation, and even more testing. Full details are included in pysat’s changelog.

Source Code:

Also available via pip:
pip install pysat

Please feel free to contact the pysat team if you run into problems.

The pysat team

Russell Stoneback (rstoneba at utdallas.edu<mailto:rstoneba at utdallas.edu>)
Angeline Burrell (angeline.burrell at nrl.navy.mil<mailto:angeline.burrell at nrl.navy.mil>)
Jeff Klenzing (jeffrey.klenzing at nasa.gov<mailto:jeffrey.klenzing at nasa.gov>)
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