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Faculty Openings

Graduate Institute of Space Science and Engineering
National Central University, Taiwan

The Graduate Institute of Space Science at National Central University (NCU) in Taiwan invites applicants for two tenure track positions at the assistant professor level or higher. Applicants should have a proven background in formulating, proposing, and executing research in space science (including the middle and upper atmosphere, ionosphere, magnetosphere, interplanetary space, heliophysics, planetary science, space plasmas, space weather) and/or aerospace engineering (including spacecraft components, scientific payloads, spacecraft subsystems, spacecraft and ground support systems engineering, radar systems, global navigation satellite systems, and related fields).



The applicants are expected to have a doctoral degree from an accredited university in a related field, such as space science, atmospheric science, physics, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering. The applicants should have a track record of formulating, executing, and publishing independent research recognized on a global level, and have the ability to secure external funding and build global partnerships. The applicants are expected to serve on departmental and university committees, and teach at both graduate and undergraduate levels, in English for certain classes. Fluency in Mandarin is considered a plus. Special consideration will be given to applicants with abilities complementing the mission of the NCU Center for Astronautical Physics and Engineering (CAPE), the objectives of Taiwan’s Third National Space Program, as well as the development of Taiwan’s space technology sector. The earliest date of appointment is August 1, 2019, but may be adjusted to later dates if required.


About Space Science and Engineering at National Central University

NCU is located just 40 minutes outside Taipei in Taoyuan City – home to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and one of the most rapidly growing hotspots for the technology industry in Taiwan. Established in Taiwan in 1964 as a result of the International Geophysical Year of 1957/1958, NCU has a longstanding focus on the geosciences, particularly pertaining to space science, remote sensing, and astronomy. NCU has had a longstanding history of participation in Taiwan’s national space program, providing satellite and sounding rocket payloads, as well as science data analysis and mission formulation.


The NCU Center for Astronautical Physics and Engineering was established in 2018, funded by the Taiwan Ministry of Education to build Taiwan’s premier university space center combing both science and engineering research. The Graduate Institute of Space Science includes an independent graduate class, as well as an undergraduate class currently under the Department of Atmospheric Science. The Institute is in the process complementing an established space science program with new aerospace engineering research and education capacity, and will be renamed the Graduate Institute of Space Science and Engineering on August 1, 2019. NCU has approved the reincorporation of the Institute as a full Department of Space Science and Engineering, pending approval from the Ministry of Education in 2020.


NCU Graduate Institute of Space Science: http://www.ss.ncu.edu.tw <http://www.ss.ncu.edu.tw/>
NCU Center for Astronautical Physics and Engineering: http://cape.ss.ncu.edu.tw <http://cape.ss.ncu.edu.tw/>

How to Apply

To apply, please provide a portfolio containing the following information:

1.     Cover letter and curriculum vitae, including resume, photograph, contact information, earliest starting date, and starting position level.

2.     Proof of graduate education, including copies of doctoral diploma and dissertation, masters and PhD level transcripts, and Ministry of Education teaching certificate (if available). Documents from non-Taiwan institutions must be authenticated by the nearest overseas mission of Taiwan (ROC) as listed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (https://www.mofa.gov.tw/en <https://www.mofa.gov.tw/en> ).

3.     List of publications over the past 5 years, including one first author paper selected as the applicant’s representative work.

4.     Statement of planned research and its relation to the future development of the Institute.

5.     Teaching Statement, describing potential undergraduate and graduate classes, as well as syllabi for the planned courses.

6.     At least two letters of recommendation. References from the applicant’s doctoral advisor are especially encouraged.


Please send paper and digital copies of the aforementioned documents to the following addresses:


Faculty Selection Committee

Graduate Institute of Space Science

National Central University

300 Zhongda Road

Zhongli District, Taoyuan City 32001


Email: ncu5750 at ncu.edu.tw <mailto:ncu5750 at ncu.edu.tw>

Documents must be received by March 8, 2019 to be considered. Only applicants selected following the first round of internal review will be notified to arrange an oral interview. 
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