CEDAR email: COSPAR Space Weather Capacity Building Workshop 2018

Livia Alves livia.alves at inpe.br
Fri May 11 11:23:02 MDT 2018



On September 2018, the Brazilian space weather program will
host a COSPAR Capacity Building and, as usual, selected students will
have their participation funded by the event. I kindly ask you to
forward the following message to the graduate students and young
scientists working on the related issues.

Please post the following
message to your partners interested in Space Weather initiatives 



 "We invite graduate students and young scientists
interested in Solar Physics, Interplanetary Medium, Geomagnetic Field
and Earth Magnetism, and Ionized and Neutral Earth's Atmosphere to send
an application to the COSPAR Space Weather Capacity Building Workshop
2018 (SW-CBW 2018). The workshop will take place in the facilities of
the Brazilian Space Weather Study and Monitoring Program (EMBRACE -
"Estudo e Monitoramento Brasileiro do Clima Espacial") located at
National Institute for Space Research (INPE - "Instituto Nacional de
Pesquisas Espaciais") in Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 17
September to 28 September 2018. For more details, including financial
support, visit the event website at:
http://www.inpe.br/cospar-cbw2018-brazil [1] Applications must be made
through the website, deadline was postponed to May 31."

Lívia R.
Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE)
CEA-Divisão de
Geofísica Espacial 
São José dos Campos

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