CEDAR email: AGU session on the small-scale magnetospheric input and its impact on IT

Hyunju Connor hkconnor at alaska.edu
Wed Jul 18 13:16:21 MDT 2018

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract to our AGU session focusing on the small-scale (less than 1000km) magnetospheric energy input and its impact on the IT system. Here are the session title and description.

SM020: Recent observational findings and modeling efforts to understand small-scale magnetospheric energy input and its impact on the It system.  <>
The small-scale features observed in the ionosphere and thermosphere (for example, soft electron precipitation near the cusp and hot spots in the polar caps) suggest that the magnetospheric energy input and its deposition can be very localized. With recent addition of space observations (ex. ePOP and SWARM), their detailed features and physics mechanisms are about to be unveiled. On the other hand, modeling communities have not yet fully addressed such local phenomena.  The empirical models (ex. Ovation-prime and Weimer) smooth out such features during their averaging process. Global MHD models (ex. OpenGGCM, CMIT, and SWMF) have limitation due to its conducting fluid approach. Recently, new modeling methods emerge to address those missing physics, for instance coupling a kinetic electron transport model with the inner magnetosphere model. This session invites recent findings in the observations and current theoretical/modeling efforts to address the small-scale features in the MIT system.

Thank you very much,

Hyunju Connor, Binzheng Zhang, and Gang Lu.

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