CEDAR email: AGU special session "Modeling the polar ionosphere: from basic science to operations"

HUANG, CHERYL Y DR-03 USAF AFMC AFRL/RVBXD cheryl.huang at us.af.mil
Thu Jul 12 07:08:31 MDT 2018

We invite submissions to AGU Special Session SA011 “Modeling the polar ionosphere: from basic science to operations” to be held during the Fall AGU, 10-14 December 2018, in Washington DC. The abstract submission deadline is 1 August.

The topic description is:
“This session solicits the current state of the art in models relevant to specification and prediction of radio frequency (RF) wave propagation in the ionosphere. Direct coupling of the high-latitude regions of the ionosphere to the magnetosphere and solar wind manifests as dynamic variations in particle precipitation, plasma circulation, and plasma instabilities which impact radio transmissions. Operational needs mandate additional requirements of accuracy and robustness. Questions that this session seeks to address include: How well do observations and predictions of solar drivers constrain the accuracy of ionospheric models relevant to RF propagation? Can current models accurately specify and predict polar cap patches, precipitation events, absorption events, plasma convection, sporadic-E, and/or small scale irregularities? What observations capture features relevant to RF phase and amplitude scintillation? What are the current gaps in modeling capabilities? Answers to these and other challenges are welcomed.”

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