CEDAR email: Research professorship at Sodankylä Space Campus, Finland

Esa Turunen esa.turunen at oulu.fi
Thu Jul 12 06:03:28 MDT 2018

Job Opportunity: Joint Research Professorship of SGO and FMI at Sodankyla, Finland

Joint professorship by Finnish Meteorological Institute and University of Oulu, in Atmospheric Research and Imaging Applications,  is now open for applications.
This is a Research Professor position at Sodankyla Space campus and is filled at the level of Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor/ Professor, according to the qualifications and merits of the selected applicant.

Application deadline is 10 August 2018.

Please refer to the full announcement for more information and use the application form, linked in the end of the full announcement, in order to apply.


Please contact us directly for more information:
Professor Jouni Pulliainen, FMI, +358 50 5895821, jouni.pulliainen (at) fmi.fi
Director Esa Turunen, SGO, +358 50 5663264, esa.turunen (at) sgo.fi

See also SGO blog on Thu 12 July 2018:


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