CEDAR email: Soliciting talks for AGU session: "Plasma Dynamics in the Night-Side Transition Region"

Bea beatriz.gallardo at ucalgary.ca
Mon Jul 9 10:45:36 MDT 2018

 Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract to our AGU session focusing on the
plasma dynamics in the night-side transition region. We encourage the
community to submit theoretical work, in-situ measurements, and simulation

*Session number*: *SM014*
*Session Title*: *Plasma Dynamics in the night-Side Transition Region*
*Link to submit abstract:**

*Session description*:  The night-side transition region in the Earth's
magnetosphere is where the magnetic topology transitions from a stretched
tail-like configuration to a more dipole-like magnetic field. This region
hosts important plasma dynamics that impact the flow of energy and mass
into the inner magnetosphere and it plays a critical role in the initiation
and evolution of near-Earth plasma instabilities that can lead to
system-wide effects. Despite its obvious importance in the coupled
Magnetosphere-Ionosphere system, it remains a poorly understood region –
primarily due to its time-dependent non-linear mapping to the ionosphere
together with limited availability of simultaneous in-situ measurements.
New observational capabilities (current and planned) are targeted at
providing a wealth of information about key aspects of this region. We
invite papers that aim to elucidate the dynamics of plasma processes in
this region either through the use of auroral processes or constellations
of detailed in-situ measurements, theory and modeling.

*Session conveners: *
*Bea Gallardo-Lacourt* (beatriz.gallardo at ucalgary.ca), University of Calgary
*Megan Gillies*, University of Calgary
*Shasha Zou*, University of Michigan
*Mike Henderson*, Los Alamos


Bea Gallardo-Lacourt
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