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Thu Jul 5 08:17:34 MDT 2018

Potential PIs,


A substantial funding opportunity is open in the DOD for innovative basic
research. The Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship provides substantial funding,
$3m over 5 years, to a faculty member to conduct innovative research of
interest to DOD. As it says, in the email below, they are looking for a more
diverse set of PIs this year and are also interested in research affecting
the environment the military operates in. Do you have a unique experimental
campaign, big data project or something else to propose? A link to the
announcement follows.


-Julie Moses


"Greetings all, 


I'd like to ask for your assistance in spreading the word on the Funding
Opportunity Announcement (FOA) of the FY2019 Vannevar Bush Faculty
Fellowship competition.  The Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship (VBFF) program
is sponsored by the Basic Research Office (BRO), Office of the Under
Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (USD (R&E)). VBFF supports
innovative basic research within academia, as well as opportunities intended
to develop the next generation of scientists and engineers for the defense


We have been very happy with the quality of the VB fellows over the years,
and are grateful to your program managers for helping us identify
outstanding candidates and projects.  We are satisfied with the review
process and believe it is fair and brings to light the most creative
scientists the Department wants to engage with.  However, we would like to
see a more diverse set of PIs apply this year and into the future.   Could
you make sure that qualified PIs in your networks in schools without strong
central opportunity identification programs are aware of the program and the


The Office of Naval Research (ONR) manages the VBFF program for USD (R&E),
and publishes the current Funding Opportunity Announcement on Grants.gov
(Opportunity ID: 306562).


There will be an information webinar on the VBFF program and the current FOA
on July 10, 2 PM EDT.  The webex information is attached.  


Thanks for your help.






Bindu R. Nair, PhD

Basic Research Office



Phone: 571-372-6418"


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