CEDAR email: CEDAR workshop on Developing small rockets for mesosphere and lower thermosphere

Gerald Lehmacher glehmac at g.clemson.edu
Mon Jul 2 15:16:28 MDT 2018

Dear CEDAR community, 
as a follow up to the CEDAR workshop
Developing small rockets for mesosphere and lower thermosphere research (50-120 km) <http://cedarweb.vsp.ucar.edu/wiki/index.php/2018_Workshop:Developing_small_rockets>
http://cedarwe...small_rockets <http://cedarweb.vsp.ucar.edu/wiki/index.php/2018_Workshop:Developing_small_rockets>
and on behalf of the Sounding Rocket Working Group we kindly request your feedback.  

Nathan Empson from the NASA Sounding Rocket Program Office has designed a questionnaire to solicit interest and requirements regarding small rocket capabilities.   
Comments regarding launch sites, campaign requirements, are also invited.  More background information is included and linked on the workshop website. 

The questionnaire (as fillable Word document) can be downloaded from the workshop website  
Please send the document with your responses to Nathan Empson (nathan.k.empson at nasa.gov) or Gerald Lehmacher (glehmac at clemson.edu).
Best regards, 
   Gerald Lehmacher
   Aroh Barjatya
Dr. Gerald Lehmacher
Associate Professor
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
Clemson University
864-656-5977 (w)
http://glehmac.people.clemson.edu <http://glehmac.people.clemson.edu/>

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